Slay Goals πŸ’‹

Set your goals, dream about goals, live for your goals. Sounds familiar?? Thats probably what we tell ourselves every single day as we were programmed to.

The thought always ponders in my mind. What do they mean by goals? If it is a goal, shouldnt there be an end? Never got the answer. I did realize at the end of the day, its not about the goal its about the direction you tend to go by.

I have always been one of the people where one seldom sets the goals and runs after it without even realizing what I am doing and why I am doing it? Goals are definitely the expression of our lives, its a best mode of form to express our authenticity. To live by who we are and who we want to be. It provides us ways to improve ourselves from within, a purpose, a choice to strengthen our belief that we deserve something. If used wisely, goals lend us a purpose, priority and passion in this overwhelming world. Especially when we undergo a situation where we feel our world is crashing down. It helps us push forward and dream about the end of tunnel or to a new beginning. However, for some of us it is a burden to set one, we often doubt ourselves to failure, or often times just give up for the benefit of time thinking. If you actually break it apart, isnt it all about the direction you choose and set?

Goal is just a mirage of the path.

Dont worry about getting hurt, its just another brick to build your world. Try to learn something every day be it just from a conversation with a stranger in the subway. All we need  to do is listen, cos its always oneself that youre developing. But, as receiving is to share, do share the deed with others.

I have put together a small try-out that I am doing myself and it has truly made me happy. Try it and let me know how it goes for yall:

ΓΌ  Vision is important, know your first stop. If you dont, just take the first step you will know when to stop. Make the effort towards it, go outside conquer Your world.
ΓΌ  Always, question yourself at least once its not because you are doubting yourself. Its just that you have already gone through this before so you just need to play out the circumstances.
ΓΌ  Learn to forgive life can be short or long its totally upto one to measure. But don’t beat yourself hard on the journey. Simply, just why?
ΓΌ  Measure your progress every two days or once a week. Set out your plan for the week, what you want to make out of the week, be it plans, accomplishments, savings, budget or gifting yourself. Write it down.
ΓΌ  Eliminate Negativity This play hand-in with forgiveness. Not everything is bad all the time, the answer is right in front of your eyes. But its our own shadow that traps us. Being negative is not just about spreading it, what we often forget is we are only destroying our self. Our happiness and our purpose.
ΓΌ  Be true to yourself Thats the only thing you need to care about.
ΓΌ  Most of all remind yourself there is no end for yourself. The only person who can stop you is you.

     You girl, are a true star. You deserve the best for you and dont stop to get it. Then whats the point of this whole game, right? You are either with it or against it.

Dont just make goals, slay goals - bossgirlbloggers