Wear yourself with Pride

I am sure a lot of us would have grown with questions like: Who are you trying to look good for? Who are you trying to impress? Why don’t you wear clothes that would hide scars, if you have any? Why don’t you dress to something of your size and color? What are you getting out of looking like that? It’s always going to be the 3W’s. 

All that would go through my mind in the moment would be~ Me, Everyone and No one. If you accept and believe in yourself. You can do anything. There is no other motivation like self. 

I for one always knew that I love dressing up. It was important for me to represent myself and where I am from. 

When you’re stepping out the door you’re not carrying yourself alone. You are representing your friends, family and the home you are from. Also, this doesn’t apply just for clothes you know. 😜 It’s just respectful to the other person you are about to meet. Be kind, Be respectful, Be fearless and you make a statement. 

Fashion is something that changes every season but your style is YOUR STATEMENTπŸ‘— can only be yours. I always think, Would I want another person to dress how I do, be kind or rude how I am? When this pops up on mind the scenario changes. You don't have to spend millions of your savings or your time. It hardly takes 30 mins.

Its about what you leave behind for the generation to follow. There’s NO stress. You can literally do anything you ever imagine with your body. I began to appreciate myself and what I can do. You might want another person to remind you at times, but why? Isn’t it also something which can be done by you. Wear yourself with pride. Whatever may be your style, size or color represent yourself with it. 

All your scars just make you stronger with time. It doesn’t hurt waiting if it makes yourself better, does it? Think about it, most of us spent nearly 18 years or more of our lives just for school when 3/4 of the things we learned is not even used or remembered. Having pride in yourself is only going to draw people towards you. It would only tell others to feel confident with oneself. Always remember, be at peace with yourself. That’s the only thing you need. 

SMILE BEAUTIFUL, You are a Miracle. πŸ’–πŸ’‹xo Abinaya