My Beautiful Scars

"Fire isn't always about pain, loss or suffering. Sometimes, its a source of Joy and Imagination." -beyondcarlton.org

6/14 | On a beautiful evening filled with love & happiness. Four kids were having the most fun filled with laughter and joy. As the evening passed by, it was time for dinner. FOOD FOOD FOOD. The time of the hour, where you annoy your mother to feed your giant tummy. Well, guess what happened then. Curioisity came into play along. ;) The Glorious Fire Angel, trapped in a glass was flaunting her gregarious soul with her radiant wings to warm us by the night. COME CLOSER, one step at a time, whispering through the gush of air to a little girl.

The tiny 4 year old wanted to offer Freedom to the Angel so she could see how amazing is the world. She gently lifted the heavy glass trap. The Angel was humongously happy and wanted to thank the girl by offering her love.

The Angel gently touched the girl with her wings and flared all the way through the girl's body to show her love. She hugged, she Kissed, She offered her thanks. Little did she know that her Love is so powerful to handle when she leaves.

The little girl accepted the Angel's Love but when it was time for the Angel to leave, it almost killed  the girl. However, it did not stop her from loving again. The fire inside her was brighter than the fire outside her.

She never stopped to give up. She went on to pursue more, the path was certainly not a bed of roses then on. All she had to do was Accept Herself as it was just another beautiful part in her life. There is so much more to life. Wear your scars as a shining armour and let nothing stop you from where you need to be. xo - Abinaya