Every Summer has its own story

Hello, My Lovelies !!💋

Summer is right around the corner. In just 3 days, which means long hot months of fun and independence. Have you planned out what you want to do this summer?

“Every Summer has its own story” 

Summer is one of the perfect seasons to make your histories. What happens in summer stays in summer !! Shhhhhh.. I moved to Boston 2 years ago around summer and it was one of the best decisions I have made so far. Oh boy, the amount of memories I have made so far was totally worth it. If you have not planned your summer yet, here are few of my Top 20 List.
 p.s: My Indian peeps, am sure these are parent approved ;)

1.     Canoeing
Paddle down the stream and gaze through the beautiful nature. My friend recently went to Baños, Tungurahua Ecaudor and I got to see the videos & pictures, the view was spectacular. You get to canoe through the forest !! Amazing right?? The Amazons never disappoint.
2.     Road Trip

This is one of the classics and the choice would never go wrong. Pick along your friends on the way and have one of the best times. Drive through Route 66 !!💙
3.     Potpourri from Summer Flowers

Summer is the seasons of beautiful lovely roses. Pick them up and make refreshing potpourri that would remind you of summer until next time.
4.     Ride a Bike

Bikes are the perfect ride along the way. Dont have one? Not to worry, you can rent them out from almost every corner of the street with bluebikes
5.     Walking tour of your city

Not a big fan of cycling? I got you covered. Take a walking tour around your city. NO matter how much you think you know your city, there is always something new and special that your city has to offer you.
6.     Yoga
Try a healthy life habit this summer. Being in India and since I underwent a fire accident when I was a kid. My mom put me into learning yoga to relax the muscles. Youve heard a lot of people talk great things about yoga, believe me the stories are true. Try it for yourself and let me know the amazing changes you encounter within yourself.💚
7.     Music Festival
Yayieeeeee. CONCERT TIME !! Track down where your favourite musician are playing this summer and attend their concert that youve always dreamed off.  It will be one heck of an experience.
8.     Stargazing
Isn’t it just simple and yet to serene to look at those glowing stars over the night. All you would need is a blanket and a tiny pillow to make your night both romantic and perfect.
9.     Lemonade stand in the neighbourhood
Come on, do something for your sweet neighbours this time. Make the classic lemonade of your choice and quench down the thirst of people, which you wish others would do for you.💛
10.  Participate in scavenger hunt
I always get excited when it comes to scavenger hunts. Its so much fun to use your brain and still have fun by running around. Every time you get the riddle, WOW !! the amount of happiness and rush it brings to you is too exciting.
11.  Grape stomping at the Vineyard
Have you done this alreay? If you have, you know how fun it is. If not, you will get to know how great it is and you also get to be a part of the wine you helped make. You can also walk down the vineyard and do some wine tastings.
12.  Plant a tree
If you were outside today, youd know how difficult it was to breathe. Its time to show your appreciation to mother nature. Plant a small tree anywhere you like, you could even go/request to the Govt. Horticulture to lend you some seedlings. Its totally free of cost, at least in Tamil Nadu, India.💚
13.  Take dinner to a person in need
For some reason, I am always hungrier in summer. Just a little thought for the people who are unable to afford their meal for some reason. Share a bit of your meal!! may be a small difference in the portion of the food you consume but a big difference to the receiver.
14.  Sponsor a Childs education
Did you know you can sponsor a childs education and you get to choose the kid who gets your share. I have been doing this for the past 5 months now. Its a nice help to do. You are actually giving another human a life. SAVE THE CHILD , is the organisation I opted in. Its only $35 a month, all you have to do is lose one tank top off your shopping list.
15.  Fly a kite
Run and fly along with the kite. Bring out the child in you, this is the season. I remember those days where I used to fly kites along the shores of sea near my house. I had so much fun with my cousins and friends. The strings get cut almost all the time and we have to go ask our parents to buy another one when they just got us something like 30 mins ago. Lol. Greatfull !!
16.  Visit Niagara
First thing my mom told me when I told her about moving to USA was, Oh, you should visit Niagara. It’s one of the amazing wonders Ive visited. I dont think she was exaggerating. ITS AMAZINGGGGGGG !!! Take the boat rides once again this summer.💕
17.  Make a tire swing
Just go down the street to one of the auto centers and you could get one of the old ones for such a low cost or sometimes even free. Other than a tire all you would need is 5/8in diameter rope and you are all set. If you think thats too much of work you can buy them at Walmart for less than $22.
18.  Drive-in movie theatre
Find out your nearest drive-in theatres and drop by. I have always done that with my family and its just so great, am sure yall would like it too.
19.  Sea-Shells
Long walks and collecting seashells by the seashore was one of the favourites for my family. We loved doing that. If you live by the ocean youd know how sweet it is. Take a trip to the seashore this weekend. You could collect those seashells, star fish, sand dollars and make them into diy wind chimes or decorative garlands.
20.  Visit one of the Seven wonders
This has always been on my list. Always wished for and didnt do. This might be your year, do the thing that youve always wanted to do. Something for yourself truly, youre worth it. Or just, AMSTERDAM 😉💋

 I hope you all have a Great fun filled Summer. Make your stories, you deserve it. 
Share with me how it went for you. :) xo Abinaya