Hydrate Your Soul


Keep yourself hydrated this summer!! Water is the most essential drink and trust me it does wonders. Regular consumption of water is SOOO needed, hydration is vital to our overall health and well-being. Here are few tips to keep in mind for this Beautiful summer:

Drink before you're thirsty We often drink only when we feel dehydrated. Chances are we already are. Keep sipping that cute little bottle of yours on a consistent basis. I usually drink between every 20-25 mins, but this is just for me and I work from a desk all day.

Consider electrolyte drinks Coconut Water has always been my choice and it has kept my skin and hair smooth. Other than those, if I am in a dance practise or playing sports I drink few sips of water and go with banana or a cucumber.

Water-packed snacks Oh My!! I just love them SO much. Always a few berries, melons, grapes and some oranges would never hurt. They taste so good as, well right?? It also keeps my hunger for junk food a tad bit down.
Here are a few tips I use to mix my water into a more refreshing drink

Cucumber Lime Mint – ½ Lime, ¼ thinly sliced cucumber, 4 Mint leaves. (Leave it in the fridge at least for an hour)

Basil Melon – 1 ½ Basil Leaves, and few choices of your melon (Leave it in the fridge at least for an hour)

Pineapple Mint – ¼ thinly sliced pineapple, 4-5 Mint leaves (Leave it in the fridge at least for an hour)