Ideas to make your SuperMan Happy - Father's Day' 2018

Father's day is around the corner. Have you planned the best for your Superhuman??

Father is a person who you cannot possibly compare with anyone or anything. He has always been there for you, may be it's your mom who taught you to recognise your dad!! But, since the moment on, he has always put you before his own-self. I don't think I have ever found that kind of a love from any relation in this world. It's magical how he always wants only the best for you, encouraged you not to settle for anything less. Its time for us to show some appreciation.

Here are somethings that came up to my mind to do for my PA 💙 I haven't seen him for almost 2 years now since I moved to US and when I thought of the gifts, it had to be something close to our hearts. 

  • Scrapbook I love doing scrapbooks. Aren't they just so beautiful and memorable to cherish for a lifetime? I collected almost 26 pictures of my dad and I, since the day I was born. So yup, I went with my age. Mumma always used to tell me that my dad loved taking pictures of me so I was able to collect them quite easy and Oh Boy!! it made me relive wonderful moments.

  • Music Mix Something that connects your soul through music is always a bit special. Make a music mix of those songs you sang karaoke with your dad or any song he would have sang as a lullaby to you. Am sure he would love to listen to it.

  • Hiking with Dad I have been to Vermont lately, I fell in love with that place completely. It's so serene and gorgeously beautiful. I would definitely suggest you that if you are around Massachusetts. You can talk stories along the way and learn so much from him, his perspections, his lessons, his thoughts. I wish I could do that this year.. 

  • Watch I know this is typical to suggest. But, he sent me a picture of him yesterday from work and he was still wearing the watch I gifted off my first salary 3 YEARS AGO !! It really moved me and I am glad it is close to him.
  • Pretty Lil Messages All you would need is a transparent glass jar, a sheet or two of A4 papers and a scissor. You are good to go!! To create something that would make him smile everyday. Pen down your lovely mesages that you always wanted to tell him but for some reason forgot or didn't realise to thank him enough. 

  • Shades Those sunglass on your superman is just so amazing to see right??. Those aviators on your dad, especially when it's almost Summer Now !! He has worked hard enough to watch you grow, let his eyes rest from that burning glow.

Happy Father's Day to every dad and single mom's who have supported us all the way. We are greatful for every single thing and praying everyday to let us serve you in return. Thank you !!