Wear to Work

4 days out a week I’m always in my formal work wear. Thank god for Friday casuals though.

My choice is always to mix and match. As much I love to dress up I am so lazy to wake up early and just stare at my closet for minutes or sometime even hours. Hope not all of you feel that way but for the ones like me, what I began doing was to pick one according to the weather for the next morning. Ya, being in Boston you know the weather here is a total Bipolar. We can never predict what Boston has for us by the end of the day. So, styling myself per the weather is one thing I always keep in mind.

Being fashionably comfortable is very important to me. I definitely will not choose a piece where I can’t breathe for hours or constantly have to be thinking if that cute lil top is going to scroll up and I gotta be pulling it down constantly. Who wants that right? Ufff.

So, I put together few of my favs I mix and match with and believe me it has always made me feel good and so comfy yet fashionable. Few of the styles I go with for Work-Wear are:
  • One piece dress (Slip dress, Sheath, Pencil, Body con, Skater, Shirt dress, Maxi or Flared) 
  • Skirts (A-Line, Symmetrical, High-Waist, Pencil, Pleated or Bubble)
  • Neutral Tops cos you can mix it up with almost everything (Blouse, Peplum, Wraps, Camis, Shirts or Collared tee’s)
  • Pants – Styles (Skinny Fit, Palazo, Pegged Pants, Sailor Pants, Jumpsuits and I am considering filling in my closet with some boot cuts as well). After all, history repeats itself!!

Hope it works wonders for you as well. Always keep in mind to coordinate the colors. Mix and match may seem easy but it literally needs you to put a lot of time into thinking. Make the most of it. It always would make you stand out with right color combos.